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Two Options, Paypal for 6months no interest or select "Get Financing" for terms up to 60 months!

Instant approval

Our real time credit engine identifies, qualifies and approves consumers in just seconds for the best credit product available to complete their purchase. Hassle Free. No papers needed!!

Better deals

Let the Banks, Credit Lenders, and Consumer Finance Organizations compete for your business. Our credit search engine identifies in seconds the best financing offers available and presents you with the absolute best deal based on your credit profile.

Best choice

We present you with a complete list of available offers and terms from our participating lenders, and YOU make the choice for the financing option that makes the most sense based on your needs.

In order to service the full credit spectrum and to offer loans of varying amounts to our customers we work with numerous and diverse lending sources. Get-financing  participating lenders range from peer to peer lenders, private lenders/banks to large financial institutions. If you qualify they may offer you an instant financing to enable you to pay for your purchase. Should you chose to accept the offered financing you will have an obligation to that particular bank or lender for repayment. You will find out the name of the lender for which you have been per-qualified when you are presented with an offer.
You will then be required to agree to their Terms and Conditions as well as the Truth in Lending terms in order for the application to be processed.

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Finance Options

Your remodel has such a significant emphasis on the future of your home. Let our team help you get the most value out of your next project

Our finance programs are designed to satisfy the needs of a broad range of clients, focusing on the quality of the project while making the financial easy.